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I’m a 46 year old mother of three boys, ages 9, 7 and 6. They are a…handful. If it’s the BIGGEST HAND YOU’VE EVER SEEN. It’s often very challenging, but mostly they’re wonderful and fun and bring me untold joy (and heartburn), and keep me feeling….eh, let’s go with 40.

I live in a South-West suburb of Chicago. I really love Chicago.

I love reading and writing, used to be an actor and even got paid to do it once in a while. I love sophomoric humor…any humor (almost nothing is too dark).

I feel strongly about my convictions and will write about them here, but also any other things that come to mind because it’s my blog, dammit.

I enjoy reading other people’s blogs.

I’m fairly new to blogging, am addicted to it and wish I had a secret admirer of the eccentric-billionaire-kind who paid me boatloads of money just so I could write 12 hours a day.

I’m definitely a Liberal, but not a whack-a-do0, despite the blog title. What I have to say doesn’t amount to much more than a hill of beans in this world, but it gets harder and harder each day to keep mine silent when others scream and shout. I at least want to compete on some level with the cacophony from what I consider to be the very, really, truly scary conservative movement in this country.

I’m a modified hippielib, meaning I’m not young or cool enough to be considered a true hippie yet old enough to know I’m a true Liberal. Not a blog just about politics though, because I’d bore even myself.

I’m a HippieLib, minus the bell-bottoms. Ok, sometimes the bell-bottoms. Peace-love-dope, minus the dope. Ok…sometimes the…………oh, you know what I mean.


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  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Hi Lilabell,

    What a great ABOUT! A BIG hand, I am sure it is. Shudder…. that’s so much work!

    Blogging is interesting, I agree. I started it with specific purpose myself – having survived suicide (serious) attempts and my son saved me, I decided to exorcise this ghost/memory of his early life & our trauma thereby. But, in that time I also have connected with people around the world and it is simply awesome.

    So, welcome! And ‘see you around’ :)

  2. I stumbled in here (I can’t remember how I got here now, it was yesterday), and immediately grooved to your writing. I love it. It is not just your writing, but rather your thinking and ideas. Very original and perceptive. You have so much potential as a writer, and I’m glad to hear you are passionate about it because you will get better and better.

    One entry I really related to was the on on Salieri. I had forgotten that I loved that movie and how deeply it affected me, not just because Mozart was so divinely gifted but because I too identified more with Saleri, and that started a major inner dialogue about how tragic it is to see the beauty and really understand the divinity of creativity, but to only have access to it as an observer. After lots of thought, I decided that the role of appreciator, a witness to divine creativity, also had its place. Later I found this perspective was documented and detailed in a marvelous way in Stewart and Betty White’s book, The Gaelic Manuscripts, which I found free to read online. I also would sing to myself, The Fool On the Hill, by the Beatles (“But the fool on the hill, sees the sun going down, and the eyes in his head, see the world spinning around”>)

    More power to you, girl. You have it going on!

    • Lula, thank you so much for your comment. I truly appreciate it.

      What you said…”but to only have access to it as an observer.” Yes. I have felt that way often. And I do believe that position holds merit. Such a good point. The age old argument on the critic not being able to “do”, so what value does their opinion hold? I think with a thoughtful person, quite a bit. I will look into that book, I’ve heard of it. Your comment leads me to believe you write as well, do you? If so I’d really love to read some…

  3. I love it Laura! It’s really brilliant! Looking forward to reading more!

  4. after reading about you i am REALLY happy that u read my post re Hitler…u r exactly the person i write for. just read your latest piece, well said, i will be reading more of your stuff asap. thanx continue…

  5. Which SW suburb (from a guy who used to live in Uptown)

  6. Just read your “15 minutes”. So beautifully expressed and a very enjoyable read. Looking forward to reading more of your output. Write on!

  7. I changed “airport” to “O’Hare” on the Judgement day piece.


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